Over the years Limestone Miniatures has produced numerous World Grand Champions, National Grand Champions, Futurity Grand Champions, Honor Roll Champions and National Champions in both Halter and Performance. Horses with the LM prefix have been honored with Supremes at the top AMHA & AMHR shows around the world. Your next big future champion could be listed right here! 

2021 Expected Arrivals

Creme Puff x Billy Idol   -  Due Date: 3/20/2021

Private Obsession x Country Boy  -  Due Date 4/05/2021

Blue Diamond  x  Pearl Jam  -  Due Date 4/05/2021

Fancy Shanna  x  Pearl Jam  -  Die Date 4/25/2021

Dare  x  Pearl Jam  -  Due Date 4/28/2021

Blue Patina  x  Pearl Jam  - Due Date 4/28/2021

Jelly  x  Country Boy  - Due Date 5/06/2021

Sofia  x  Billy Idol  - Due Date  5/20/2021

Blue Angel  x  Billy Idol  Due Date 5/26/2021